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Election of the 1997-1998 Executive Board

At the last general meeting of the year, The 1997-1998 Board of Executive Officers were elected. Patroklos Mavromatis was elected as the new HASO President. Kelly Vlahaki was voted in as External Vice President, and this year's ExVP, Helena Findikaki, was elected as Internal Vice President. Katerina Ananiades was re-elected as Secretary and Andrea Russo was elected to the newly created Treasurer position. And lastly, Ted Cocoles was voted in as the new Social Chairperson. Congratulations to the new Board and good luck in the coming year.

Visit by the Ambassador of Greece, Loucas Tsilas

The Greek Ambassador to the United States, Loucas Tsilas, who had accepted our invitation to come to the UCLA campus, spoke to a capacity crowd at the James West Alumni Center on Thursday, May 22nd. The event, which was co-hosted by HASO and Pi Sigma Alpha, the Politcal Science Honor Society, featured the speech by the Ambassador, but also included a introductory speech by Steven Brinkoetter, and the presentation of the First Annual Spirit of Pericles Award to Prof. Mortimer Chambers. Professors, international dignataries, and students from all ethnic backgrounds came to hear the Ambassador speak on topics such as stablity in southern Europe, the importance of the region, the issue of Turkey, and Greek-U.S. relations. It was truly an honor to have the Ambassador come and speak to us.

The Greek National Water Polo visit to Los Angeles

The Greek National Water Polo team visited Los Angeles for the 1997 U.S. International Water Polo Tournament that was held in Newport Beach the weekend of May 10th. On Saturday, a sizable group from HASO went and enjoyed a day in the sun and also cheering for the Greek team. Unfortunately, they lost 7-6 to the United States. However, it was a pleasure for everyone to meet the players after the after the game, talking and taking pictures with them.

Worldfest 1997

On Saturday, May 8th, HASO sponsered a Gyro booth at Worldfest. Worldfest is a weeklong celebration of diversity and culture here at UCLA. The group arranged for two local dance groups to perform at Westwood Plaza. The Golden Greeks of Northridge performed an excellent taverva round, while the Olympian Dancers of Long Beach excited the crowd with their highflying Cretan dancing. Overall, HASO members had a great time preparing and selling the gyros (and also eating them once in a while!!). The day was capped off with an informal gathering at a member's apartment to celebrate the success of the Gyro booth.

The Smyrna Affair: 1922 cultural exhibit

The original cultural exhibit presented by the Hellenic-American Students' Organization proved to be a huge success. It opened on Monday, April 7th and ran until April 20. A reception for the exihibit, which was organized by Pete Panos and Helena Findikaki, was held on April 9th and was highlighted by the presence of many university faculty and community notables. The night was capped by a historical retrospect by Helena Findikaki and a very emotional talk by Christos Emmanoulides about his own families' experiences in Smyrna. We like to give thanks to Pete and Helena, the Hellenic-American Council, the Federation of Greek Societies of Southern California, Pasadena City College Hellenic Students and Angelos Sakkis for making this exhibit a reality.

Vasilis Karras visits Las Vegas

On April 12th, the famous Greek singer, Vasilis Karras, paid a visit to Las Vegas to entertain the West Coast Greeks. The concert was attended by several HASO members, which was indeed a superb performance. The concert was the peak for what would be a very extrodinary weekend.

HUC puts on "Theophilos and his fairy tales"

On the weekend of April 12 and 13, the Hellenic University Club of Southern California, a fellow Hellenic organization with HASO, presented its fifth annual theatrical production: "Theophilos and his fairy tales" written by Nestoras Matsas. The play was staged in Greek with simultaneous, in-theater translation in English via a limited number of headsets. The performance took place at the fabulous James Armstrong Theatre, Torrance. There was an exhibition of Theophilos' work before each show and a reception after each show.

For information about this play and future productions, call Thanos Trezos at (818) 287-8071 or Peter Demopoulos at (310) 215-3130 or visit the HUC's home page: http://www.huc.org, or e-mail: info@huc.org.


Last General Meeting of Winter Quarter

The last meeting of the winter quarter took place on February 25th in Ackerman 2408. All members received beautiful posters of Greece (courtesy the Greek National Tourist Organization). We briefly reviewed various past events and plans for the Spring Quarter and everyone received a copy of the latest edition of Aegean Waves.

Legislative Policy Conference

This conference, which was held at the Los Angeles Marriott, addressed many critical issues confronting Greece, including: the Aegean, the Greek minority in Albania, the problem of FYROM (Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia), and the situation in Cyprus. The all-day event took place on January 25, 1997, and featured speakers including well known academics, writers, dignitaries, and politicians. The conference was organized by AHIPAC and co-sponsored by AHEPA and the Hellenic-American Council of Southern California.

1st General Meeting of Winter Quarter

Tuesday, January 14, 1997, the Hellenic-American Students' Organization had its first meeting of the winter. It was held in Ackerman Union room 2408, at 9 p.m. Discussed at the meeting were plans for the rest of the year and also we talked about the highlights from the fall. We were honored to have as a special guest, former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis, who delivered an interesting speech covering an array of important topics. See the related article in Aegean Waves and see the pictures in the Photo Gallery.

FALL '96

Third Annual Professor-Student Dialogue

The highlight of the fall quarter was the Third Annual Professor-Student Dialogue on November 14, 1996. Again, it served as an opportunity for students to meet Greek professors and professors of subjects related to Greece. This year's event was the largest, as people from all across the southland came, meet new people, enjoyed a brief speech by special guest Consul-General Panagopoulos, and feasted on delectable food courtesy of Delphi of Westwood, Le Petit Greek, and Sofi's restaurants.

1996 OXI Day Celebration

The Federation of Hellenic American Societies of Southern California (which HASO is a member of) had their annual OXI Day Celebration in Long Beach, CA on October 27 at the Hyatt hotel. Approximately 400 people showed up to this event honoring the heroic actions taken by Greece against the Axis Powers in the Second World War.

The night was highlighted by a special presentation commemerating the Battle of Crete, in which people of all walks of life gathered and held back the German invasion for 10 days. The battle brought devastating losses to the forces of Nazi Germany, as civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, grabbed pitchforks, homemade weapons and anything that they could find to defend themselves.

The celebration featured speeches by community leaders and the Consul-Generals of Greece and Cypress of Los Angeles. The celebration ended as all those in attendance danced the night away with music provided by The Hellenic Sounds.

Los Angeles Film Festival

Hundreds of people came to see a variety of movies, including 2 Greek films, at the 1996 Los Angeles Film Festival. The L.A. Film Festival is an exposition of international motion pictures, and this year, the Greek presense was felt as the two movies, Acropole and A Drop in the Ocean were shown.

Acropole was produced in 1995 by distinguished Greek producer, Pandelis Voulgaris. The movie gave a view of Athens during the 1950's and early 60's in which theatre was the major avenue of entertainment before the widespread introduction of film and television. The movie was based on the famous Acropole theatre in Athens, which was famous for staging Hollywood-type productions. The Acropole was a social center in which any class of Greek could enjoy a good show.

A Drop in the Ocean, produced in 1995 by Eleni Alexandrakis, is the tale of a whirlwind romance and the struggle the two lovers to stay together despite the obstacles thrown in their path. The underlying message of the film is that "life is but an instant [and] we are all just a drop in the ocean." In other words, one should enjoy life while one can.

The general sentiment of HASO members that saw the films were positive, especially since it enabled them to catch a glimpse of Greece and Greek life.

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