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Here are the projects that the club is actively involved with:

Creating a Hellenic Studies Program at UCLA

UCLA currently offers language courses in more than 90 languages, but not Modern Greek. The school does offer courses in the Bronze Age (Mycenaean Greek or Linear B), Archaic (Homer, Hesiod etc), Classical (Euripides, Plato, Thucydides) and Hellenistic (New Testament) forms of Greek, however. After all, Greek is one language with many stages. All of them are being taught at UCLA except for the modern-day form of Greek.

Professor Sarah Morris, Chair of the Classics Department, has worked extensively on this issue and managed to bring the subject to a vote in the Classics Department. Our friends in the department have voted that the modern Greek language should be the next addition to the curriculum.

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Business Internships

We have been working very hard to develop a summer job/internship program in Greece. The Greek Consul-General in Los Angeles, the Commercial Attache of Greece in Los Angeles and the International Programs Counselor at the UCLA EXPO Center have all pledged their support in establishing such a program and we have begun to send letters to all the major Greek trade and commerce organizations to aid on this project.

Also, we have received information on various internships available in Washington, D.C. for those of you who are interested in politics, and political science. These include working for American Hellenic Education Progressive Association, the American Hellenic Institute and working as a staff member for a Congressional Representative (made possible by the Hellenic-American Council of Southern California).

Our efforts have begun to bear fruit. Out of the many Greek agencies that we have contacted, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been the most enthusiastic in its response. The ACCI has agreed to accept students for an unpaid summer internship and has published our request in its Bulletin so that member companies can get involved as well. Also, some of our members may be helping with Hellenic Vision 2000, the international business conference which will be taking place in Athens in late June. For students interested in journalism, the managing editor of Odyssey magazine (which has offices in New York and Athens) has taken an interest in our proposed internship program and we are expecting an official response shortly. The Greek Foreign Trade office has continued to help us by writing letters to the various trade organizations in Greece, informing them of our project. Mr. Ballianos of the Axios Foundation for Worthiness has expressed interest in helping us expand this program.

On a local level, several HASO members have recently begun internships at the Hellenic-American Council, the main political lobbying organization for the Greek-American community of Southern California. The Hellenic-American Council has made youth involvement a top priority and continues to welcome more students to intern at the office headquarters. HASO has also been contacted by a Los Angeles based export/import company which is seeking bright students with an interest in foreign trade for paid work positions.

Study in Greece/EAP

Although the University of California system's Education Abroad Program offers foreign study opportunities at 100 institutions in 32 different countries, it has yet to offer any program in Greece. We have been in contact with Professor Yannis F. Dafalias at UC Davis who has been very active in trying to get EAP to include Greece as a host country for foreign study. A powerfully written letter by Kelly Vlahakis, which was accompanied by a signed petition has been sent to the EAP directors in Santa Barbara. The letter and petition will indicate to EAP that there is strong demand by UCLA students for such a program.

Because of our efforts, we have recently been made aware of definite plans to include Greece as a host country for the Education Abroad Program. More information will be available in the months to come.

If you would be interested in more information, helping with any of these projects or if you have any information concerning these projects, please contact the club at www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/hellas

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